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Today 23 January 2008, after one month since I have published my story, and following the overwhelming reactions from your side I succeeded in gathering the money for my surgery in Hannover in prof. M. Sami’s clinic. The sum collected  amounts to 40.000 Euros  from which 35.000 Euros represent the surgery costs and 5.000Euros the costs for travel and lodging  during  the mandatory one month post-surgery follow-up. 

It is not yet medically possible to predict  whether or not, at a later stage,   I will also need radio-surgery treatment at an estimated cost of 10’000 Euros, but  I prefer to believe  this will not be the case and anyhow  I will have  time to gather  such  money later.

I am praying  God to bless all  the  generous donators listed  on the blog donor’s page ,  all those who posted their comments on this blog, all  those who thought of me  and prayed for me. For each of them I will light a candle for  God to protect them.

 I am in process of creating  the Acoustic Neuroma Association in Romania in maximum two weeks. 

In regard of any additional money that may  be wired on  my accounts after 24th of January,  I will either  send it back to the donators  or further transfer it to the Association’s  accounts in order to help other people actually suffering of  acoustic neuroma. 

Furthermore, I have published on this blog,  and will continue  to do so,  other  terrible medical cases  for which  financial help  and moral support is a must.  I am therefore asking your support to also  help these people whose medical condition  is worse and who are in life-threatening situations.   

THANK YOU, thank you indeed from the bottom of my heart for all your help.  

Dan A. Santimbreanu

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  1. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

    Comentariu de Yaz Okulu — 28 martie, 2008 @ 8:24 am | Răspunde

  2. Please confirm if this story is about George Ospir in Romania – in English please.

    Comentariu de Bernadette — 18 aprilie, 2008 @ 9:29 am | Răspunde

  3. Stimate Dan,
    Din intimplare, am vazut acest post si am ramas uimita. Acum peste 30 de ani, am avut acest diagnostic cand traiam in romania. Acum locuiesc in SUA, Florida. Doctorii nici nu au vrut sa imi spuna adevarul, caci ma si vedeau pe alta lume. Am reusit sa plec in Germania si am fost operata cu succes. Banii au venit o parte de la Crucea Rosie Internationala si altii de la firma Siemens. Sunt si astazi recunoscatoare celor care m-au ajutat. Este o operatie dificila, care daca nu este facut la timp poate fi fatala. Ma bucur imens ca doresti sa infiintezi o asociatie de ajutor pentru cei bolnavi cu Neurinom de acustic.
    As dori sa am bani sa contribui si eu dar din pacate acum nu stiu cum sa fac sa ajung in Romania sa imi fac implanturi dentare, caci aici sunt foarte scumpe.
    Daca doresti as vrea sa comunicam si sa imi spui cum te simti dupa 2 ani de la operatie.

    Comentariu de Angelica — 16 februarie, 2012 @ 2:05 am | Răspunde

    • Draga Angelica,   Iti multumesc frumos pentru cuvintele frumoase…   Sanatate!

      Comentariu de dasanti — 16 februarie, 2012 @ 5:42 pm | Răspunde

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