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4 February 2009
Last weekend I was receiving a message on my blog. A 19 year old girl found my blog scared to death from the illness she was diagnosed with. She was looking for a medical solution. I called her and told her about INI. The girl who carries two Saint Names calmed a little bit... until she found out how much her surgery would cost in Hanover, Germany. 25.000 euros. I called, made the appointment. On January 6th she is awaited there. Prof Valavanis, specialist in vascular surgeries (embolizations) and Prof. Fahlbusch are sure they can help her. Do you also want to help her? Time is running out, Catalina wants to get well and live her live.






Hello, my name is Andreea Catalina Matei and I am a 19-year-old college student. I have a severe health condition; I was diagnosed with a profound right cerebral parieto-occipital arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Everything was discovered the moment I partially lost vision in my left eye. Through a MR Angiography, it was established that a saccular dilatation of the malformation had broken and formed a hematoma (broken blood vessel) which is pressuring my eyesight cortex. (The very reason why I am losing my vision).
Because the malformation is large, deep, covering two areas of the cortex, and is fueling itself from both brain blood streams, the risk of surgical intervention is high (I could go blind). The procedural sequence would be as follows: Successive embolizations, gamma knife and then open surgery. This type of intervention (embolization) is only in its beginning stages in Romania and after seeing several brain surgeons, I was advised to try to have the surgical intervention performed in another country (France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, etc.)  

The surgical procedure carries the risk of BLINDNESS, if unsuccessful. Unfortunately I do not have the financial means to undergo surgery.
 If you could please help me in any way, I would be very grateful. I am just beginning my journey on Earth and I would certainly like to be able to complete it. Thank you for taking the time to read to the end.”


She missed her first appointment on January 6th and the next appointment is on April 27th. She already raised 5.000 euros through several donations. Time is running our slowly… In case you can help her, here are here bank accounts.





Holder: Catalina Andreea Matei

Account in RON = RO32 PIRB 4206 3594 5200 1000

Account in EURO = RO97 PIRB 4206 3594 5235 0000


both opened at PIRAEUS BANK – MIHALACHE Branch

Bank address: Bd. Ion Mihalache nr. 42-52, sector 1, 011193, Bucuresti


Account in RON = RO12BRDE 445SV 30765404450 or

Account in EURO = RO51 BRDE 445SV 30765594450


both opened at BRD BANK – Branch TRIUMF

Bank address: Bdul Ion Mihalache nr.45, Sector 1, 011173, Bucuresti



Nothing happens randomly in life. If I’ve met her, I am sure you will help her to get well, as you also helped me.

10, 50, 100, 500 euros are amounts that for some do not represent anything and for others they represent everything they own …

God bless!

Dan Santimbreanu



Corespondance with Prof. Fahlbusch from INI

Confirmation of the first appointment

Cost estimate for first appointment

Confirmation and costs for second appointment





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  1. I love you, Andreea.

    Comentariu de Andrei — 10 aprilie, 2009 @ 9:59 pm | Răspunde

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